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The whole hull was shaved and sanded, both above and below the water line. The whole interior, including floor boards, was also revarnished and some wood details replaced. Finns det ett liv efter en jorden-runt-segling? And so Jennifer became a floating, mobile home for paying crew - over the years - and Hassler, through chartering, managed to see the world. Den mest populära formen av charter är bareboat, och samtidigt är det den form som kräver mest av deltagaren, men det finns lite allmänna förhållningsregler för att göra semesterns till den dröm man planerat för. Kommentar Namn E-postadress Webbplats. En betalande medseglare var galen.

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The whole hull was shaved and sanded, both above and below the water line.

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The last part of the book poses the question: There are also valuable lessons to be learned from the author's misadventures, such as a fatal diving accident involving one of his guests, the loss of his rudder and how he managed to reach port, being electrocuted and miraculously surviving when his mast struck a high voltage cable in Kenya and being hit by a violent storm in the Mozambique Channel. Having a good product and loving the lifestyle is the key to a successful charter business. Underrubriken i boknamnet lyder uttryckligen: In the main however, the book is an upbeat and encouraging read for many types of sailors: Circumnavigator Socially, long-distance sailors can be divided into two broad categories:

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