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Archived from the original on 9 November This was in fairly close agreement with the value obtained experimentally by L. French chemists made most of the basic contributions to the history of volumetric analysis. Retrieved 24 September This led them to carry out further experiments on the effect of light on chemical reactions. However, Gay-Lussac's name is more commonly associated with another law of gases, the law of combining volumes, which Gay-Lussac was the first to formulate c. They claimed that the experiment was completed on June 21,and the results sent to Geneva for publication, whereas Davy's announcement was supposedly dated June

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In Gay-Lussac extended earlier methods for the estimation of hypochlorite or chlorinated lime solution using indigo solution.

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SverigedemokraternaSD is a right-wing [2] political party in Swedenfounded in Although the French term litre was used aboutthe concept of titration passed into general chemical practice from the method proposed by Gay-Lussac for estimating the purity of silver. He noticed the break in the solubility curve of hydrated sodium sulfate and that this occurs at the point of maximum solubility. Thinking that the normal affinities of oxygen for iron and the alkali metals could thus be reversed, they fused the respective alkalies with iron filings subjected to a bright red heat in a bent iron gun barrel. Retrieved 14 September They found that heated potassium metal decomposed muriatic-acid gas, forming the muriate of potash and hydrogen. In Novembervideos from August were released, in segments, over the course of three days by Swedish newspaper Expressen a year earlier, Expressen had released the same videos without making much noise.

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