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It is our responsibility as Christians to those kids, to the rest of the world, and to ourselves to dispel all the obsolete and bad science used in bad faith to demonize and pathologize sexual minorities, to dispel the really toxic heresies that proclaim parts of God's Creation to be exceptions to His declaration that His Creation ALL of it is Good, and to dispel the monomaniacal and downright psychotic obsession of Christian leaders and institutions with matters of sex and control. Supreme Court delayed the execution Tuesday of a death row inmate whose lawyers filed a last-minute appeal questioning the lega…. Investigators didn't find her body until Augustwhen Hammond's girlfriend told police he was responsible for her disappearance. The contrast is clear in Leviticus, because all of the other commands about sexual behavior in the same section are unconditional 'thou shalt not lie with x or y or z' but only here is the command extended in that way to qualify how it should be applied. Forged translationsfrom the late 12th century Parisian Versio vulgata onwards, putting these latter day State and Academy novelties into the sacred texts themselves in our time leading to the re-circulation and re-processing of earlier, dated, forgeries to express late modern, socio-political "needs".

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We do not have 4 gospels of the one Gospel to say the same thing. As a rabbi, I've had the honor to conduct many such marriages in the S. Häromdan blev jag uppringt av Skattemyndigheten, som fått svar av Firma Städy. Apparently 2 palookas from Staten Island had no idea what kind of bar they walked into, yelled homophobic curses, and then tried to rob and beat one of the patrons. From a conversation on Thinking Anglicans three years ago. It means to know That our teachers instill values of charity and acceptance in all children so there is no need for one child to feel superior over another.


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