Adult fun supers

Directed by Bryan Singer, and with a script by Christopher McQuarrie, we are left to wonder who the hell Keyser Soze is and what's he doing influencing the lives of five unlikely criminals. This week we delve into a Virgin Viewings, where one of us gives the other a favourite film to watch, and this time it is Richee's turn to watch Michael Powell's infamous psychological thriller, Peeping Tom. The Meg, directed by Jon Turteltaub, sees a megalodon rise up from the hidden depths of the Mariana Trench to rampage the seas of China. Jackson, Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener. And just how effective is its notorious twist? Ryan Reynold's is back as Wade Wilson, and when a tragedy strikes him personally, he is called to help a young mutant Julian Dennison and start up the X-Force to defeat cyborg-from-the-future Cable Josh Brolin.

Mix in with that a nefarious villain called Screenslaver, then you have a sequel that's lively, imaginative, and truly lives up to it's predecessor.

Facket drar en lans för hemvården i Raseborg

Både arbetsgivare, arbetstagare och arbetarskyddet är inkopplade. De tre representanterna för fackförbundet Super tycker Raseborgs tjänstemän signalerat att det finns god vilja när det gäller att förbättra vårdpersonalens förhållanden. Looking at this iconic and influential horror, we discuss the various tropes and themes it brings up, including nature vs nurture, Americana folk horror, and the "monstrous ugly" trope. Supers representanter ser i alla fall också ljusglimtar. However, Peeping Tom has gone on to become a cult classic, becoming a precursor to the contemporary slasher film. We are back with a Netflix review and this week it's Ben Young's Extinction.


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